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Water therapy

Can Skye if the first and only place in Ibiza that specializes in dolphin improvisation, Watsu, Water dance, Theta healing and other water healing and therapy techniques.

Read below for more information on the different sessions we can provide:



Relax your body, take a deep breath and come to know the water like never before. Dolphin improvisation is a technique inspired by the movements and lifestyle of the dolphins.

It mixes body stretching, massage and dance over and under the water, together with amazing possibility of water, the lack of weight, soft touch and its three dimensional way of exploration, we create moments of harmony, freedom and joy. Personal meetings take place in beautiful warm pools in can skye ibiza water and music retreats.


Imagine floating in a pool of water heated to your body temperature, cradled and relaxed, each muscle and joint rhythmically swaying into weightless surrender… Gradually, various innovative massage and yoga-like stretching techniques are combined into a seamless whole-body dance called Watsu and Water dance.

Free from the effects of gravity, your body can unwind in new and unexpected ways. Watsu and Water dance increases the range of motion, elongates the spine, stretches muscles and relives tension and stress. The warmth and hydrostatic pressure of the water promotes healthy circulation and calms the nervous system.

Watsu is also wonderful for relieving the aches and pains of pregnancy while giving expectants moms the opportunity to connect with their developing child.

In Water dance, with an awareness of breath and the use of nose clips, we slowly introduce periods of movement underwater where deeper levels of freedom and therapeutic release become possible. A variety of individually choreographed waves and stretches are utilized to address your unique patterns of tension and holding, As the session unfolds, we gracefully weave together the worlds of above and below, within and without… often resulting in profound levels of peace and inner awareness.


Watsu (Water Shiatsu ) began in 1980 when Harold Dull started floating people while applying the stretches and principles of the Zen Shiatsu he had studied in Japan . In the orient stretching as a way to open channels through which our Chi energy flows is even older than acupuncture . Stretching strengthens muscle and increases flexibility . Warm water , which many associate with the body’s deepest states of waking relaxation, is the ideal medium .The support of the water takes weight off the vertebrae  and allows the spine to be moved in ways impossible on land. Gentle , gradual twists and pulls relieve the pressure a rigid spine places on nerves and help undo any disfunctioning this pressure can cause to the organs serviced by those nerves. The Watsu receiver experiences greater flexibility and freedom. During Watsu a range of emotions can come up and be released into to process of continuous flow. This reprogram receivers to face life out of water with greater equanimity and flexibility .


Full body massage with warm oil and herbs from our garden

Craniosacral therapy; Deep relaxation of body and mind through very light touch, a sensation of flowing.